Water heater replacement.

Preparing for a work trip to Nelson, it was time to sort out the shower.

November 11th, 2018.
Van returned from a wee stay at The Design Coach & Body Company Ltd where a new 22L Suburban gas/electric water heater was installed.
Gas work in New Zealand must be carried out by a Certified Gas Fitter. Make any changes to an installation and the complete installation has to be checked. The gas heater was non-compliant. Bugger! Gas heater removed. Certificate of Compliance issued.
Good thing we’re heading towards summer. And on the colder nights, I claim the side of the bed above the water heater.

suburban 22l water heater

I also had them replace the twin taps on the shower with a mixer. One less tap to operate, and no fiddly tap adjustments to find the right temperature setting. Looking forward to testing the shower.

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