Van comes home to 47.

It wasn’t until we arrived home that I had a good look around. Found a couple of things I hadn’t noticed previously. Some good. Some not so good.

As well as there having been no mention of the shower in the advertisement, there was also no mention of the solar system. Good. However, the batteries were flooded lead acid and installed next to the gas hob. Not so good.
flooded lead acid batteryThese batteries release hydrogen when charging. Not necessarily a large amount if charged correctly, but I’d prefer to have none in a confined space containing a naked flame.

The gas water heater would not ignite. Not so good. I’m not particularly fond of cold showers.

The 9kg gas bottle was incredibly rusty and hadn’t been tested since 2006. Won’t be able to get that refilled. Not so good. But it was still half full of gas. Good.
9kg gas bottle dimensions can vary hugely in NZ.
9kg LPG gas bottleDiameter : 309–335 mm. Height : 450–525 mm
The bottle locker is a tad on the narrow side so replacement bottles diameter and height need to be checked prior to purchase. Not so good, but handy to know.

September 27th 2019.
Van returned from a lengthy stay at Southbrook Autos.
I had figured it would make sense to have a mechanic check the vehicle before taking the van too far from home.
The brakes had at some stage been cooked. Complete overhaul of brakes front (disk) and rear (drum) including replacement drums.
“While you’re in there, you may as well check the bearings as well.” Front wheel bearings replaced.
There was a hint that there may have been some rust covered up, but no details were provided, so I didn’t give it much thought.
Job well done. Great bunch of blokes. I’m very happy to recommend Southbrook Autos for vehicle servicing and repairs.

I had noticed a bit of an oil leak but didn’t get it checked by the mechanics because it was minor. It appeared to be a little worse than when originally noticed. I started carrying oil so I could keep and eye on the levels and top up if necessary.

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